Drive from wheelchair motorcycle - $8,000 (TULAROSA)

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203 1ST ST

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type: cruiser
condition: good
motor: gas
odometer: 15666
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
1982 Honda CM450A Honda-Matic, with a drive from wheelchair Tomco sidecar.

I have owned this since 2019.

This is the description that was given to me at the time of purchase: This is a very unique classic adaptive wheelchair motorcycle. To the best of our knowledge there were only 30-50 of these ever made by hand in the mid-1980s. Each one was a little different customized for the future owner. This one features conventional motorcycle handlebars allowing it to be driven from the sidecar....It can be set up for operation with only 1 hand, left or right, but you would need reasonably good dexterity in that hand to twist the throttle and squeeze the brakes. Only has 14,000 miles so it's barely broken in. Features an automatic transmission direct from Honda's factory (no modifications) which significantly improves the drivability avoiding the need to clutch and shift. Chrome shines even without having been polished. Would look AMAZING with a new paint job or even powder coating.

Now, to explain where I'm at with it and why I'm getting rid of it. First of all-when I purchased this particular motorcycle, the price was estimated and broken down to $2,000 for the bike itself, and another $19,000 for the sidecar and drive from wheelchair modifications. So, total about $21,000 for the bike and sidecar.

When I got it, it actually had a little over 14,000 miles on it, closer to 14,500. I honestly have not put many miles on it in my time of owning it, as of today I'm setting at 15,666.3 miles. When I got it, all 3 tires needed to be replaced immediately, and so the current tires on it are setting at about 1,000 miles worth of wear on them. It has been parked under a covering whenever I'm not using it to keep it out of the exposure of the sun.

Other upgrades and changes I've made, I removed the windshield that came on it because it was cracked, I never replaced it...I've had the oil changed once....I use the most expensive gasoline, and also have put seafoam in it several times. In 2022 I replaced the battery. It had a short in the blinker system when I first got it, so I had that issue corrected. Also, when I first got it, it would shake and weave really bad like it was out of balance, and so a buddy of mine who has been working on motorcycles for 25+ years took it and stabilized it, which took care of the shaking problem.

Paperwork: I have the title for the vehicle, and have had it registered with the state of New Mexico as a Motorcycle.

I have not had any accident in it nor have I any major issues with it. One thing I and by buddy who worked on it did discover is that it will only go about 45miles per hour top speed. He said that it may have had a governor put on it, but we never really checked it out to confirm. Also due to the carburetor, it does take some time to warm up in the cold.

The reason I'm selling this is because I am currently looking at getting something that is enclosed to drive. One thing about where I live is that the weather is very unpredictable. I have had unexpected wind/rain/snowstorm hit me all of a sudden while on it. This year I switched from a manual wheelchair to a power chair, and I cannot afford to have it ruined being exposed to the elements.

I'm setting the starting price at $8,000 but I am willing to negotiate if you are serious about purchasing it. Remember that the cost isn't just for the bike, it is for all of the wheelchair modifications also included, as well as the things I have done to better it. Also, serious buyers will have to pick it up, cash only.

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