Bear Claw Themed Sterling Silver Bracelet - $125 (Las Cruces)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: SterlinSilver
model name / number: Custom
Bear Claw bracelet

$125 … Size ... 6.25 inches long by 0.1875 wide … spread approximately 2.75 inches … Sterling Silver ... Artisan “Nelson” (Native American) as mandated by Santa Fe Native Indian Market at the Governors Palace in Santa Fe, NM … Purchased in 2012

Priced to recover my actual out-of-pocket cost.

If your wrist, at the bracelet area, is approximately 8 inches in diameter, this bracelet will be a perfect fit.

Bear Symbol ...

Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through Symbols and Signs such as the Bear Symbol. Native American symbols were geometric portrayals of celestial bodies, natural phenomena and animal designs. Animals were drawn as symbols which were taken as spiritual guides and stood for the qualities and traits of the animal that the symbol represented. The Bear symbol was important as it represented a protector and symbolized courage, physical strength and leadership. Bears are strong, agile, and quick. The black bear and the Grizzly were native to North America. The meaning of the Bear Symbol was to signify a good omen and convey authority.

The bear was a very important animal symbol. Some tribe would also have two warriors known as the Grizzly Bears. These warriors would be the first to charge at the enemies in battle. Native American bird and animal symbols and totems are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide.

The Bear Symbol - Meaning ...

Some Indians believed that it was possible to draw power from a bear by dreaming of one, by killing and eating part of one or by even touching a bear. These actions made a warrior invincible. Because of the Indians' beliefs that the bear had spiritual power, wearing a bear claw necklace meant protection and good health to the Indian wearing it. The Abenaki tribe believe that the stars of the Big Dipper are the Great Bear (Kchi-awasos). According to Abenaki mythology the Great Bear is chased every night by three hunters. The Great Bear is killed every fall and his blood drips to earth turning the leaves brown but he is reborn every spring.

Because the bear is such a highly regarded animal within Native culture, the bear claw often represents protection and a connection to the animal. It is often worn by those who seek leadership.

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