Las Cruces Art Auction (Las Cruces)

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Local Art Auction

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Auction Ends May 29!

Art Auction!

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Las Cruces Art Auction

Discover an array of captivating artworks by talented artists with strong ties to Las Cruces, New Mexico. This week, we are featuring pieces that showcase the diverse artistic expressions and unique perspectives of these local artists. Artist Featured Artworks Biography Nancy Frost Begin

  • "Celine, Vegas Queen"
  • "The Royal Portrait"
Nancy Frost Begin is a versatile artist who has explored various artistic mediums including illustration, fiber, clay, wood, and painting. She moved to Las Cruces in 2007 and has been an integral part of the local art scene, participating in numerous exhibitions and events. Nancy has received numerous awards and has been recognized by prestigious institutions such as the New Mexico Watercolor Society and Masterworks of New Mexico. Linda Gendall
  • "Magpie Moons"
  • "Fly Me to the Moon"
Linda Gendall grew up in rural Montana, where the natural world greatly influenced her artistic development. She moved to the Mesilla Valley in 2002 and discovered the unique culture of the border area, which continues to inspire her oil paintings. Linda is known for her work on COR-TEN steel, combining oil paint and patina to create rich, textured pieces. She is a member of the Agave Artists Gallery in Mesilla. Mora Sandoval
  • "Mora"
  • "New Mexico Red Moon"
Mora Sandoval is celebrated for her mystical Southwest landscapes. Her pieces reflect the beauty and spirit of the region, making her a significant figure in the local art community. Betty Hummer
  • "Jake"
Betty Hummer's compelling canvases explore themes of nature and the human experience, showcasing her ability to capture emotion and movement. Julie Ford Oliver
  • "Robb's Orchids"
  • "Hollyhocks Study"
  • "Garlic, Radish, Onion"
  • "Calla Study"
  • "All Mine"
Julie Ford Oliver's delicate and detailed representation of nature is highly regarded in the Las Cruces art community. Her vibrant studies highlight the beauty of everyday life. Susi Nagoda Bergquist
  • "Parrot"
  • "Antelope"
  • "Hummingbird"
  • "Jaguar"
  • "Wolf"
  • "Buffalo"
Susi Nagoda Bergquist’s works bring the essence of the Southwest to life with their dynamic compositions and vibrant colors, capturing the majesty and liveliness of the natural world. Dennis Lujan
  • "Miss You"
  • "Erotica"
Dennis Lujan's evocative and thought-provoking creations challenge viewers and add a bold narrative to the local art scene in Las Cruces. Ouida Touchón
  • "The Virtue is Speaking of What is Beautiful"
  • "Umbriana"
  • "Veterans Day"
Ouida Touchón's thought-provoking works reflect the cultural and historical depth of the region, making her a significant figure in Las Cruces art. Victoria Mauldin
  • "Wild Mustangs"
Victoria Mauldin’s depiction of wild mustangs captures the untamed spirit of New Mexico, resonating deeply with the local community. Pete Ortega
  • "Folk Art Wood Carved Angel"
  • "St. Francis Santo"
Pete Ortega’s folk art carvings celebrate the spiritual and cultural heritage of Las Cruces, making his works a local treasure. Suzanne Kane
  • "Floral Sculptures"
Suzanne Kane’s intricate floral sculptures bring the natural beauty of New Mexico’s flora into stunning artistic forms.

Join us at Mesilla Valley Estate Sales to explore and bid on these exceptional works. Celebrate the artistry and diverse cultural heritage brought to life by these talented artists from Las Cruces and beyond. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of their creative legacy. NMauctions.com | Auction Ends 5/29

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